More than just the best man for the job!

Bob Snelling isn't a politician. He is, instead, a servant leader. A long term Douglasville resident, Bob has invested in our community the whole time he has lived here. We are indeed fortunate to find a man with his values, his character, and his experience as a legislator to run for the 66th Seat in the Georgia House of Representatives.

Bob has served us before. In 2002 Bob was our Representative. With the Democrats in control, when redistricting time came around, Bob found himself in the same district with another respected Republican member. Rather than oppose a friend of like mind in public, Bob chose not to run that year. 

A long-time Douglasville resident happily married to Paula for 49 years, a father of three, a grandfather of six, a Navy veteran, a retired Delta Airline Captain, a flight instructor, an ordained Presbyterian church elder, an certified instructor in leadership skills, a barbershop quartet singer, and a dedicated servant leader in our community, we simply couldn't find a better man to represent us in the Georgia House of Representatives!

If you believe as we do, that Bob Snelling is the best possible Representative for the 66th district, then browse the website to learn more about Bob and what others think of him, then go to the Contact Us page, and either volunteer to help, or make a donation to the campaign. The "return-on-investment" in helping Bob will be both immediate, and long-lasting. You'll be glad you did.